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Psychologist. Ph.D. in Economics. Expert in innovative technologies and methods for improving thinking patterns.

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Irina Loseva: unique methods for psychological diagnostics

In USSR, methods used to identify innate personality aspects were elaborated by request from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of USSR in the 1970s. But narrowly focused research, both in Russia and from abroad, doesn’t give patients full understanding of their personality and all the capabilities hidden within. The method of Irina Loseva compounds all the recent breakthroughs of neuropsychology, anthropology, cognitive psychology and reveals a full map of personal abilities, opportunities and ways of personal management and development (for companies and partners), and gives an explanation for emerging problems.

Center for Developmental Psychology “Strategy”

During almost two decades, led research for more than 7000 patients of all ages and dozens of companies. Nowadays, those who were our patients back in the past bring us their children. The unique methods of the center are not available in any other institution except the representatives listed on the website and are used only by certified specialists of “Strategy”.